Tripernol® Mussel Oil Supplements

Tripernol® Mussel Oil Supplements

Tripernol® Mussel Oil is highly beneficial for inflammatory conditions and to maintain a healthy heart.

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Tripernol® Mussel Oil Supplements
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Tripernol® is a natural dietary supplement of Omega-3 sourced from organically grown New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels and manufactured by Bio-Mer in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Research shows Tripernol® has greater potency than traditional fish oils in the support of many physiological functions, due to the greater proportion of phospholipid Omega-3s found in our Green Lipped Mussel extract.

Not all Omega-3s are created equal.

In relation to mussel oil products, Bio-Mer's Tripernol® has the highest level of omega-3's on the market, per soft gel, which equates to better value to you.

See comparisons with Lyprinol®, Omega XL® and Moxxor®.

Left to right: Tripernol® (500mg), Moxxor® (150mg) and Lyprinol® (150mg). Tripernol® has between 4-16 times the amounts of Omega-3 compared to other leading soft gels.

Health benefits of Tripernol® Mussel Oil:

  • acts as a natural phospholipid-rich Omega-3
  • supports joint lubrication
  • supports joint mobility and flexibility
  • helps joint function and mobility
  • promotes healthy airways
  • no reflux

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Tripernol® is extracted from organically certified New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels.

These mussels are grown and harvested in the pristine waters of Stewart Island, the southern-most island of New Zealand. These waters are surrounded by National Park so are free of farming and agriculture and untainted by pollution from farming run-off and industry.

Tripernol® Mussel Oil - from sea source to consumer

Bio-Mer Limited is a privately owned New Zealand biotechnology company. All raw ingredients used in our nutritional supplements are grown solely within New Zealand, or the pristine waters surrounding New Zealand.

Bio-Mer's involvement begins at the sea source with ownership shares of a mussel farm. Processing and manufacturing of raw ingredients occurs at our biotechnology plant, through to packaging, and final distribution of nutritional supplements via the internet. We pride ourselves in producing superior quality nutritional supplements at a highly cost effective price point. Our nutritional products are delivered to your doorstep with a guarantee of 100 per cent New Zealand origin and quality of all active ingredients.

Ingredients Each softgel contains
167mg Green Lipped Mussel Oil Extract from Perna canaliculus,
333mg Sunflower Oil (allergen-free),
0.675mg Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol)
Capsule shell contains: Gelatine/Glycerine/Sorbitol
Contains NO gluten, wheat, sugar, lactose, artificial sweeteners, soy products, flavours or preservatives.
Dosage Initially take 2 capsules daily, preferably with meals for 4 weeks or until satisfactory results are achieved. Dosage may be reduced to 1 capsule daily for maintenance.
Contra Indications Pregnant or breast feeding women and children under 2 years of age should consult their health professional before taking this supplement. People who have an allergy to shellfish should not take this product.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

BioMer does not sell or represent Omega XL®, Lyprinol® or Moxxor® in any manner whatsoever. Our comparison page simply illustrates the differences between Tripernol® and the Green-Lipped mussel oil sold by Omega XL®, Lyprinol® and Moxxor®.

Bio-Mer® is registered as a RMP-licensed manufacturer with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority for the extraction and export of active Nutraceutical Products for human consumption. This stringent auditing and licensing process ensures that the highest standards are met for quality product development.

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