Comparisons with Lyprinol® Moxxor® Omega XL®

Compare our Tripernol Mussel Oil supplements with our competitors' products - the results speak for themselves.

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Bio-Mer's Green-Lipped Mussel Oil has the highest level of phospholipid Omega-3s per soft gel in the market.

Comparing Mussel Oil Omega-3 content:

1 Tripernol soft gel = 4.2 Lyprinol gels

1 Tripernol soft gel = 16.5 Moxxor gels

1 Tripernol soft gel = 11.7 Omega XL gels (50mg capsules)

Tripernol contains 167mg of Green-Lipped Mussel oil per soft gel. 56.2mg of this weight consists of highly bio-available Omega-3s. In comparison, our major competitors offer:

  • Lyprinol: 14mg per soft gel
  • Moxxor: 3.4mg per soft gel
  • Omega XL: 4.8mg per soft gel (50mg capsules)

When these figures are combined with the unit cost per capsule, Tripernol emerges as clearly the most cost-effective source of mussel oil Omega-3 available on the market.

Tripernol® contains 167mg of mussel oil per soft gel.

Clinical studies have shown that Green-Lipped Mussel Oil has an X factor not present in standard fish oils. This suggests that the amount of mussel oil per capsule has significant importance.

The graph below compares the value for money of our product, Tripernol, against that of our three major competitors - Lyprinol, Omega XL, and Moxxor.

Green-Lipped mussel oil Omega-3 content (in mg) obtained per US $1 spent:

Graph shows Bio-Mer's Green Lipped Mussel Oil has higher level of Omega-3 than Lyprinol®, Omega XL® and Moxxor® per soft gel.

Bio-Mer® is registered as a RMP-licensed manufacturer with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority for the extraction and export of active Nutraceutical Products for human consumption. This stringent auditing and licensing process ensures that the highest standards are met for quality product development.

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