Calcium Benefits, support of natural bone healing

Calcium benefits - why supplementing your calcium diet is important

Calcium Supplements Calcium benefits
  • Why calcium should be consistently available to your body?
    An adequate calcium diet should be consistently available to your body. If it is not, your body will draw calcium from its only available source, your bones. Calcium supplements provide a consistent source of calcium benefits and can be useful in support of Bone healing and helps bone formation following fracture.

    Taken regularly, Ossomer® Calcium Supplement provides additional calcium to your diet. Calcium in the bones does not become depleted when the body has an alternative source of calcium. Ossomer® Calcium Supplement provides a consistent and available source of calcium to the body.

  • Why natural fish bones are an excellent source of calcium?
    Fish bones used in Ossomer® come from fish caught in the pristine waters of New Zealand's fishing regions. These regions are free from pollution and contaminants. Our fishbone-derived calcium:
    • has high free elemental calcium, which is easily absorbed
    • contains unique high-affinity calcium-binding peptides and phosphor-peptides that act as calcium fortifiers
    • contains naturally derived nutrients: phosphate, magnesium and potassium
  • Calcium benefits -it's not only bones that benefit from Ossomer®
    Key organs and bodily functions like your heart and metabolism need calcium to operate at their best. Only 21 per cent of us consume the recommended calcium intake. Ossomer® can complement food intake and help you achieve the full benefits of increased calcium.

    Ossomer® Calcium Supplements taken during childhood, adolescence and early adulthood can help combat a low-calcium or poorly absorbed diet.
  • Why adults are taking Ossomer® Calcium Supplements?
    As you age, your body requires more calcium. This is particularly pertinent to females, who typically have a lower bone mass than males. Aging and menopause decrease the absorption and conservation of calcium. By age 65 calcium absorption capacity is approximately 50 per cent that of an adolescent. Ineffectual intestinal absorption or a diet with inadequate amounts of calcium may lead to a premature and progressive re-absorption of calcium from the bones.

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